The journey described in the Odyssey is jam-packed with exciting experiences. Based on this concept, the new Jeep Compass 4xe is now available in Brazil. The Jeep plug-in hybrid is the first in the United States. "Here, we have a new generation of the Jeep Compass 4xe, so we've updated our marketing strategy to emphasize the vehicle's capabilities."

The new Jeep Compass 4xe is an unexpected SUV, not just because of its long-distance capability of over 900 kilometers and high power output of up to 240 hp. Compass 4xe even impresses nature in the film. "2001: A Space Odyssey" inspired this video, which opens with a scene from Earth's orbit.

Vehicle shots are intercut with animal recordings singing along to "Also Sprach Zarathustra" as the film travels through various landscapes. As a result of the Jeep Compass 4xe's presence on the trail, animals such as gorillas and hippos are startled and start making noises. As in the Hollywood film, the grand finale is remarkably similar. The classic scene with the monkeys now features a new character: the Jeep Compass 4xe.

The new Jeep Compass 4xe is Brazil's first 4x4 Jeep vehicle. In terms of technology and performance, this is the first time a Jeep has ever gone electric. The campaign aims to demonstrate the Jeep revolution and the dawn of a new era of personal freedom. Stellantis South American Storytelling and Content Manager, Malu Antonio, says, "The advertising campaign portrays the excitement of something new, and this is even more evident with the sound of Zarathustra, a melody known worldwide and used primarily to present something surprising."

The film, titled "Odisséia," will be shown in theaters and on pay TV channels like GNT, Multishow, CNN, TNT, and Discovery Channel in both 30" and 60" versions.

The video is based on a high-dive campaign for Jeep that ran in the United States. The Fbiz agency in Brazil was a co-creator of the film.


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