Ford's popular van range has been taken to extreme heights, with the 2,000 hp Electric SuperVan and the colorful Ford Ranger Raptor sending a special message.

It's hard to overlook Ford's concept cars at this year's Goodwood Festival, which will be held in Chichester for the next four days. Unfortunately, the color palette and horsepower have been screwed up extra when the rainbow-colored 'Very Gay Raptor' and the fully electric, SuperVan, take over the festival.

The rugged Ranger Raptor was unveiled with a dramatic stunt earlier this year. With extreme off-road characteristics, a full 288 hp, a powerful torque of 491 Nm, and the new 3.0-liter V6 twin-turbo EcoBoost petrol engine, the new Ranger Raptor off-road driving gives a whole new dimension.

The next generation of the Ford Ranger Raptor will not only tackle off-road and downhill trails at the festival but also show Ford's support for the LGBTQ + community with its rainbow colors and focus on discrimination. On the same occasion, a live broadcast of the Ford Tough Talk series will be about how the automotive industry can contribute to fostering a culture of inclusion and collaboration with the LGBTQ + community. The host is rugby legend Gareth Thomas, who was the first professional rugby player to speak openly about being gay.

The new Ford Pro Electric SuperVan is inspired by the recently unveiled Ford E-Transit Custom, which is the successor to Europe's best-selling van - Transit Custom.

Components from the upcoming E-Transit Custom can also be found in the new SuperVan, which with its four electric motors, 50 kWh battery, and tailor-made control system together, produces around 2,000 hp, which takes the van from 0-100 km / h in less than two seconds. Of course, Ford's latest SYNC technology is also in the full van - just as it can be found in several of Ford's current models. The van is excellent proof of how Ford Pro takes Ford's vans to a whole new level while emphasizing Ford's commitment to a 100% electric future.

Since 1971, Ford SuperVans has been about performance and what can be achieved with Transit. However, the new Ford Pro Electric SuperVan is the beginning of a new era of options with the electric driveline and a 24/7 connected technology that comes with the all-new fully electric E-Transit Custom, says Mark Rushbrook, Global Director, Ford Performance.

SuperVan's connected technology constantly provides the driver with information about the van's condition. At the same time, it is possible to remotely control the van's setup and optimize performance. In addition, SuperVan comes with several driving modes and a braking technology that regenerates energy, just like Ford's other fully electric cars offer today. The sensational SuperVan was secretly developed in Austria as part of a collaboration between Ford Performance, Ford Design, and STARD - an Austrian specialist in electrified racing cars.

Ford's history with SuperVans goes back a long way. The first SuperVan, the Transit Mk1, already saw the light of day in 1971. Here, a mid-range engine from the Le Man's winner Ford GT40 was used for the car, while the subsequent SuperVan used a V8 Cosworth engine with 590 hp. Ford's third SuperVan was a 650-hp Cosworth HM engine that was also used in several Formula 1 cars at the time.

For us at Ford Pro, it's about increasing the productivity of our customers. We just developed the fully electric SuperVan to show the full potential of electric cars connected with the right Ford Pro technology 24/7. With this SuperVan, we take the advanced technology and distinctive look of the E-Transit Custom to a whole new level, says Hans Schep, General Manager, Ford Pro.

The van's 50 kWh battery can be fully charged in about 45 minutes on a standard quick charger and is also positioned to contribute to optimal weight distribution and a low center of gravity.

The four-wheel-drive car manages 0-100 km / h in less than two seconds and is thus Ford's fastest SuperVan to date, which is also reflected in the car's design, which is inspired by racing cars.

The Ford Pro Electric SuperVan also comes with three different settings to regenerate energy in connection with braking, which helps charge the battery. An E-Boost function also offers maximum power, torque, and speed.

In addition to putting a thick line under Ford's advanced technologies and van concept, the new SuperVan is also a scientific project. With this SuperVan, Ford's team of engineers has pushed the boundaries of electric powertrains. An experience can be taken on to Ford's regular model program and benefit Ford's customers.

The experienced Romain Dumas will get behind the wheel of Ford's SuperVan when the van has to show its worth at the Goodwood Festival. Romain Dumas is a former record holder at the Goodwood Festival and holds the record for fastest lap time in an electric car on the dreaded Nordschleife, where he has won four Nürburgring 24-hour races.

Team Fordzilla's TFX-P1 race car will also be presented at the Goodwood Festival. Here, a combination of a visual and physical world in an e-racing simulator will give visitors a unique experience, as if they were sitting behind the wheel of a wild race car. The TFX-P1 was the first e-race car to be developed as part of the collaboration between the players and Ford's developers.


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