Between now and 2025, Jeep plans to invest over 30 billion Euros in going electric. By this time, four battery electric vehicle (BEV) models will have been introduced across the Atlantic and the Continent, to achieve an electric-only range of at least 50 percent in the United States by 2030. The Jeep Avenger, a subcompact SUV (smaller than the Jeep Renegade) with a European design and electric propulsion, will hit the market as early as 2023. Sales will extend to Japan and South Korea. On October 17th, at the Paris Motor Show, the new Jeep Avenger electric SUV will finally be unveiled to the general public.

The Jeep Wrangler 4Xe is the best-selling plug-in hybrid vehicle in America, and the new Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xe is also very popular. Also coming to the United States are the massive Jeep Grand Wagoneer and the Jeep Recon SUVs. Chrysler's first all-electric vehicle won't hit the market until 2025, but we still don't know what to call it.

Dodge will be a part of Stellantis' "Dare Foreward" plan toward an electric future, which will see the debut of the first electric Ram (Revolution EV) and the Dodge Charger SRT Concept muscle car. The latter will have an eRupt transmission that simulates gear ratios and four-wheel drive and be powered by an 800V powertrain.


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