The BMW M trademark, which denotes the company's most athletic offerings, turns 50 this year. The party will also feature the debut of the brand new BMW M2.

The 2023 BMW M2 will debut to the world in a matter of months; as such, final testing is in full swing. The new generation, like the original, will provide unadulterated fun behind the wheel in a space-saving package, perfect for cruising down the highway or letting loose on the racetrack.

The performance of the new BMW M2 is on par with that of the BMW M2 CS, the flagship model of the previous generation. The BMW M2 is powered by a six-cylinder gasoline engine similar to the BMW M3 and BMW M4, albeit in a different configuration. The eight-speed M Steptronic automatic and six-speed manual transmission will be available to buyers. The rear-wheel-drive layout and the sporty adaptive M undercarriage both contribute to this.

A sporty look with signature BMW M touches lies beneath the temporary covering. Carbon roofs and molded M-seats are two of the optional extras available for your vehicle. In other words, if you lose some weight, you'll have more to look forward to.

The upcoming 2023 BMW M2 will make its official debut at a world premiere in October, followed by a market debut in April 2023.


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