How to become a reverend depends significantly on which branch of Christianity you want to join. Many Christian groups give their preachers the title "reverend," which means "to be revered." This includes Greek and Eastern Orthodox priests as well as Catholic priests. People usually call them "Father," but their official title for addressing them is "Reverend."

Most people who want to become a reverend will study religion from a Christian point of view at a divinity school or a seminary. This can look different from one sect to the next. For example, Catholics study the Bible. These books are called "Apocrypha." Other Christian groups may also look at the "Apocrypha," but they may think it doesn't have the same holy value as the books in the King James Version.

A reverend can get married in all Protestant groups. A cleric can be either a man or a woman in many places. Most Protestant churches ordain ministers, just like Catholic churches do with priests. Before becoming a reverend, they may also have to undergo background checks and psychological tests. This is also true for Anglican churches. Most people who want to become a reverend have to go through reviews by the church to make sure the parishioners are safe.

Before giving someone the title of a reverend, some churches want them to have a four-year college degree and then study theology after they graduate. Others need to learn with a church leader. Not every branch of Christianity has a paid position for a reverend. For example, the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Saints, also known as the Mormon Church, does not pay a minister. Instead, a religious member leads church meetings and is in charge of the local ward or branch of the church. He is called the Bishop and usually has a job outside the church. Most bishops, but not all, have a lot of theological training and have done intensive Bible study and at least one two-year mission. This is not required, though.

In Jehovah's Witnesses' religion, anyone baptized is basically a minister. Both men and women can be ministers at church services. Women preach much but do less administrative work. Instead, they answer directly to the church elders.

Signing up for a license on the Internet is the fastest way to become a reverend. This can give someone the legal right to marry people. It takes little to no education; some people do it just for fun or to marry a friend. Even if you start a congregation, it is no guarantee that you will get a job in a church.

Some people who are not religious but are good speakers and want to do marriage ceremonies for a living can become reverends. On the other hand, most Christian sects make a big difference between a reverend who has been educated and ordained and someone who has just filled out a few forms to get the title.


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