The doors open to the new Starbucks Coffee House in City Plaza Wuppertal! This makes not only a place to end the day on a sweet note but also a place to meet up with friends, work, or take a break from shopping. Comfortable seating makes it easy to stay for a while, whether with a group or by yourself. Guests can gather around small round tables or stretch out on long couch islands. There are also bar stools with a view of the outside and wooden benches on the terrace. Plants and tropical wall cladding give the open space a lively look right away. When combined with light installations, this creates a modern, feel-good atmosphere.

"We've been waiting a long time, but now that the new coffee house in the City Plaza Wuppertal is open, we can finally offer a Starbucks premium coffee experience," says Annick Eichinger, Head of Marketing and Corporate Affairs at Starbucks. "Our customers can expect the best service because we carefully make every drink by hand. In addition, we only use high-quality Arabica beans grown in a way that is good for the environment and come from legitimate sources."

Starbucks drinks and food, like the Blonde Roast Espresso, are available at the Coffee House City Plaza Wuppertal. You can get a cappuccino, caffè latte, and seasonal coffee drinks like Banana Split Frappuccino and Orange Mango Refresha, and you can also get fine tea and tasty chocolate drinks like Caramel Hot Chocolate. Hearty and sweet snacks, like gluten-free or vegan options and the Starbucks lunch bowls round out the food selection.


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