Formula 1 will once again see Ford compete. American manufacturer announced on Friday a technical partnership with Red Bull Racing. Ford was once the dominant engine in the series, with 155 wins and ten constructors' titles (and 13 drivers' titles) thanks to its partnership with British race engineering firm Cosworth from the mid-'60s to the mid-'80s. Red Bull Racing has won 13 driver's titles. Since Ford's previous involvement in Formula One was in 2004 (during the time it controlled Jaguar), and since it sold that unit to Red Bull, this move feels like a return home for the company in more ways than one. As part of this agreement, Ford will contribute its knowledge and experience in hybrid and battery technology. This collaboration will result in developing power units for Red Bull Racing and AlphaTauri that comply with the new rules for 2026.

"The news that Ford is coming to Formula 1 from 2026 is great for the sport, and we are excited to see them join the incredible automotive partners already in Formula One," F1 President and CEO Stefano Domenicali said on "We are excited to see them join the incredible automotive partners already in Formula One." "They recognize the immense value that our platform gives with over half a billion followers worldwide. Ford is a worldwide brand with an incredible pedigree in racing and the automotive business, and they understand that our platform provides that value. We feel that our sport offers the possibility and reach unmatched by any other. We cannot wait until 2026 when the Ford badge will be racing around Formula One's illustrious circuits."

As part of Formula 1's ambition to become carbon neutral by the year 2030, the new power units introduced in 2026 will be based on the present 1.6-liter engine, and they will operate on fuels that are 100 percent renewable while also producing more electrical output. It has been reported that Ford is assisting in the development process by contributing, among other things, batteries, electric motors, software, and analytics.

According to, CEO Jim Farley was quoted as saying that the company's return to Formula One competition with Red Bull Racing is "all about where we are going as a company — increasingly electric, software-defined, modern automobiles and experiences." "F1 will be a very cost-effective platform to engage with tens of millions of new customers, share ideas and technology, and innovate,"

Following the news that General Motors intends to form a partnership between Cadillac and Andretti Autosport to form a new Formula 1 team, Ford has announced it. The team seeks approval from the series to also race in 2026.

"It is wonderful that we will be able to welcome Ford back into Formula One with this relationship officially. As an independent engine maker, the fact that we can profit from the expertise of a major original equipment manufacturer (OEM) like Ford puts us in a strong position to compete with other companies, "Christian Horner, principal of the Red Bull team, made the statement. "They are a manufacturer with a long history in automobiles that spans several generations. The accomplishments of Jim Clark, Ayrton Senna, and Michael Schumacher tell volumes about the family tree. It is thrilling for us here at Red Bull Powertrains to launch the next phase of that illustrious history as Red Bull Ford."


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