Citroen's goods have always been innovative, as have its campaigns, such as the remarkable advertising at the Eiffel Tower in Paris in 1925. That is why the new Citroen C3, the market's only hatchback with an SUV attitude, is being introduced across the most diverse platforms, media, and even other (virtual) worlds, with virtual world users being a part of the biggest launch in the industry in 2022.

Complexo server roleplay players (each character has a unique tale and interaction) will be able to visit Citroen's virtual dealership and engage in exclusive tasks with the Citroen C3. Each assignment will award points that can be traded for exclusive gifts, such as gaming items and clothes remaining with the players indefinitely. A team of professionals has meticulously reproduced the model in digital form so gamers can enjoy all of its features as if they were using a new Citroen C3.

Those entering the Complex in the coming weeks will also notice a tower with Citroen's illuminated sign, a reference to the landmark action done nearly 100 years ago in France. Throughout the advertising campaign, the server will receive many Easter Eggs referencing historical models of the brand and the new Citroen C3, including an activity that recreates the spectacular advertising campaign in which the model "opens" the city around it and enters a new realm via graphite. Furthermore, a team of successful streamers, including Nobru, one of the country's leading esports players, will strengthen the Citroen C3's many activations through various Lives that will take place until December. The first Live, which featured the New Citroen C3, has received 31 thousand views and about 512 thousand impressions.

This integration with the metaverse will not be restricted to the virtual world, as fans of TV Globo's 'Caldeiro com Mion' show saw last Saturday through an exclusive encounter that brought together all of the new Citroen C3's innovation, accessibility, and SUV attitude. Furthermore, Citroen is planning new and unprecedented actions with the new Citroen C3, a model that continues to win over thousands of customers thanks to its ample interior space, the largest trunk in its category, and the exclusive 10" Citroen Connect Touchscreen with Android Auto and Wireless Carplay.

Among the several acts is a collaboration with "Two Lost Kids" content makers and influencers Thali and Gabi. In Curitiba (PR), the duo will create engaging and unique materials while riding in the new Citroen C3. In addition, the model will have a series of exclusive materials released on Tik Tok, one of the world's largest social networks.


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