Skoda AUTO concept studies have always represented the brand's design language evolution and the Czech vehicle manufacturer's ongoing progressive development. For example, the Skoda Vision S study started the brand's SUV offensive years ago, and the Skoda Vision X concept showed plans for electric vehicles.

The latest Skoda Vision 7S research is another hint of impending transformation. The Vision 7S seven-seater electric SUV shows the new Skoda design language for the first time.

Skoda's new design language relies on the brand's well-known sturdy appearance, functionality, and authenticity principles. Other distinguishing features of the Czech automotive manufacturer's models include ample room, durable and ecological materials, and aerodynamically efficient forms. The drawing of the Skoda Vision 7S model shows a large electric SUV with a unique front end and headlights that look like the letter "T."

The new design language can also be found in the study's interior. The symmetrical "wraparound" design with a broad dashboard, vertically positioned touchscreen, and simple physical controls are eye-catching. Of course, several of Skoda's Simply Clever features are on board, such as a built-in child seat or integrated backpacks.

The wraparound design is symmetrical and has a large dashboard, a vertical touchscreen, and easy-to-use physical controls.

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