Large selection and transparent prices without long commitments and waiting times: more and more customers are interested in the uncomplicated and flexible car subscription from Stellantis &You, Sales, and Services, the Stellantis branch network. "In the last two years since the launch of our subscription platform, our rental and subscription sales have increased by 245 %, and in the first quarter of 2022, revenues were 90 percent higher than in the same period of the previous year," said Christian Adolphi, Marketing Manager Stellantis & You in Germany: "There are more and more people who want to buy less but use more. Our subscription is the answer to that. With the subscription platform, we have satisfied a customer need." 

Private buyers are also happy to use the Stellantis &You car subscription to test their desired model extensively and over the long term before purchasing – practically and independently. "The car subscription is also a good way to bridge long delivery times - as is currently the case due to the global shortage of semiconductors," emphasizes Cyril Coat-Schneider, Rent Manager Stellantis &You Germany.

For tradespeople or sports clubs, the car subscription is often a pragmatic instrument for covering temporary mobility needs - for example, individual projects and orders or a season. Especially in the B2B sector, Coat-Schneider sees excellent potential for the Stellantis &You Auto-Abo and complete cost control for the customer: All costs are covered by the monthly rate - only the customer has to pay for refueling or charging.

Stellantis &You is the subsidiary of the Stellantis Group. A total of 1,045 people are employed at 35 locations in nine regions. Added to this is the spare parts business via the Distrigo brand.

In 2021, Stellantis &You Germany, which emerged from the merger of PSA Retail and FCA Motor Village, sold almost 36,000 new and used vehicles. Added to this were 417,000 hours of after-sales service. In 2021, Stellantis &You accounted for 6.1% of new vehicle sales by the Stellantis Group in Germany.

Stellantis &You, Sales and Services is Stellantis' corporate network of offices and a leading European car dealership. With 10,400 automotive professionals in 12 countries, it places service quality and customer contact at its brand promise. Stellantis &You, Sales and Services has 270 locations, 450 brand showrooms, and 35 parts distribution centers in 18 European cities. The five activities of Stellantis &You, Sales and Services are: New Vehicle Sales, Used Vehicle Sales, Customer Service, Parts Sales and Rentals. In 2021, the company sold 467,000 vehicles.


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