Finding a new job can be like a game of chess in which you need strategy and a good knowledge of the rules. Any search also involves the question, "What will the recruiter think of me?" or "How can I find out what the employer expects?" To invest your time and energy effectively in the recruitment process, it is worth thinking about the right questions at the right time. Build a good relationship with the recruiter and find out details through which you can highlight your application. Here's how to put one together for use with your employer.

Show passion.
A smile, an open posture, and enthusiasm specific to a child lead you to the much-desired job. Recruiters want people who always want more from them and their careers. They are looking for those people who understand their mission, are empathetic, results-oriented, and have good ideas for every project.

Customize the application.
The best companies want passionate people who know how to stand out. Unfortunately, traditional resumes lose ground to those applications that intuit and exceed recruiters' expectations. Your profile deserves to meet those requirements in the job description, but the information should be put in an original form that represents you. Recruiters recommend finding companies where you would like to work, analyzing their activities, and using your creativity to stand out from other candidates.

Understand the value you offer.
In your application, show what you can offer your company, not just what you expect your company to offer. Think about your presentation from the beginning, focus on what you bring new and valuable, and present your experience as the first step in tackling new tasks. Employers will know that you have a vision, that big picture, which enhances your value and role in your new job with such an approach. For example, if you have taken an IT course, you can specify what you have learned and how the new knowledge can add value to the employing company. If you like gaining new skills in IT, you can choose the project IT Courses. It has several stages (counseling, actual courses, coaching). You have the opportunity to apply for IT jobs after completing the project. For this, the project career counseling team will provide you with the necessary support.

Know your lesser strengths.
You are much more convincing if you present yourself with strengths and aspects that you would like to improve instead of looking perfect. Recruiters may think that you are avoiding the question of hiding a weakness. However, with objective analysis, you show that you know your abilities and are much more credible.

Take a phone job interview seriously.
Address each conversation on the phone as a face-to-face conversation. The telephone interview is the first step in qualifying for an interview, and recruiters consider your enthusiasm, the inflections of your voice, and the level of knowledge you declare to make a shortlist of candidates. Therefore, it is best to stay away from noise sources and avoid typing or having a snack while talking to the recruiter. 

Thank the recruiters.
Such a note brings a smile to the minds of recruiters, especially in those days when they planned many interviews. Show your values ​​and respect for the opportunity that has been given to you. You differentiate yourself, and you have more chances for the recruiter to propose you the proper role in the right company.


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